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About us

What is a “Tamatebaco - 玉手箱”?


A Tamatebaco has a long history in the Japanese culture. It is still in use and the tale about the Tamatebaco is often told. It has even found its spot in the worldwide known anime "One Piece".

The kanji “tama 玉“ means something like "the precious treasure" and the "te 手“, is the hand, followed by the "bako 箱“, the box or chest. Literally translated is the meaning of "holding a precious treasure in your hands".

That is what we want you to feel and taste. With our treasure of Japanese Snacks, we want you to feel your monthly tasting experience with your friends or family.

Nowadays, the Tamatebaco is in use to store or pack very important things, like jewellery or New Years Sushi.